Mushee Kart | Unity

Development Info:

  • Role: Sole Developer
  • Genre: Kart Racer
  • Engine: Unity 3D
  • Development Time:
    • Ver 1.0: 90 Hours
    • Ver 2.0: 120 Hours
    • Total: 210 Hours

Planned Game Features:

  • 8 Unique Racers
  • 2 Mush-tastic Tracks
  • Eccentric cartoon aesthetic

Beta Ver2

Now Available

*Most art work is modified or based on original Mushees artwork by Taylor Sauer, Stephanie Pitcher, and Zach Stambaugh.

Game Summary:

Mushee Kart is an eccentric cart racing game with a vibrant cartoon aesthetic, crazy antics, and glowing environments.

Version 2.0 Update: After in-house playtesting at the Guildhall, it was decided that a more realistic, physics based movement system was needed, and so the project has begun again from scratch as a result.

The Goal:

Create a simple, eccentric and enjoyable kart racer.

Version 2.0 Progress:

  • First iteration of physics based movement system
  • Physics system rebalanced
  • 8 racers re-adjusted for new movement system
  • New track "Spectrum Speedway" constructed
  • New track "Mushee Island" constructed
  • 2 and 4 player race modes
  • Single player time trial mode
  • Checkpoints
  • Boost Pads

Version 1.0 Results:

  • 8 racers modeled and textured
  • Full player controls
  • Simple AI pathing
  • AI take one of three paths every lap
  • Boost pads and booster item
  • FOV and banking scaled by speed
  • 2 tracks designed
  • Show placing at end of race
  • Fixed "shell" projectiles spawning at continuously lower levels
  • 2 and 4 player options that allow for multiple users to select racers simultaneously
  • UFO "Whompers"
  • UFO "Party Favor Ship": like the whomper, but replaced cage with item barrel
  • Built Mushee Island track

Development Video Archive: