Mushees | UDK

Development Info:

  • Role: Game Designer
  • Team Size: 10 Developers
  • Genre: Multiplayer FPS
  • Engine: Unreal Engine 3 [UDK]
  • Development Time: 4 Months

Game Features:

  • 3 Unique Weapons
  • CTF as Alien-on-Alien Abduction
  • Reactive environment objects
  • Eccentric cartoon aesthetic

Installer & Game Design Document

Game Summary:

Mushees is a first person shooter focused on CTF (capture the flag) gameplay, an out-of-this-world aesthetic, and a fast and fluid movement system. Players take up classic sci-fi themed arms for either the Satu or the Dua as they clash in eccentric jump and shoot combat to gather the last remaining Mushees – a sentient race of fungus capable of generating immense power.

The Goal:

Create an eccentric, out-of-this-world multiplayer shooter with simple game mechanics.

What I Did:

  • Helped the team define a game vision and stick to it
  • Led the level designers in speed-map exercises to get a level layout in the first week that remained mostly unchanged throughout the project
  • Prototyped and implemented reactive environmental mechanics
  • Balanced the game mechanics including weapons and movement
  • Worked closely with art and programming teams to design and create the HUD
  • Worked with individuals to solve technical problems with various UDK systems
  • Cut together final trailer

The Result:

  • Created an iconic character and aesthetic
  • Created both Capture The Flag and Oddball game modes

Level Design on Mushees:

As the game contains a single map, creating a fun experience was paramount.  The map was iterated heavily early on and ideas from each team member’s speed maps were incorporated into the overall map design.  This allowed the team to benefit from the strengths of each level designer to create a high-flying map that exemplifies the tenets that make Mushees the unique, fun experience that it became.  The result is a symmetrical CTF map that also supported our second game mode, Oddball.

Game Design on Mushees 

The main goal of Mushees was to make an eccentric multiplayer experience. Most other student projects were trying to stand out based on mechanics, but we at Fashionably Late Studios started with a central character as our focus. The Mushee came first. Having our game based off of an aesthetic helped us to quickly narrow down not only what our mechanics were going to be, but how they were going to look as well. This focus that stemmed from our central character resulted in the abduction style Capture the Flag game mode, the Oddball game mode where you try to be the Mushee for the longest time, and gave us almost 3 weeks of extra time at the end to polish our visuals instead of mechanics and to add to the environment. I'm extremely proud of our team not only for the iconic character our game has, but for the eccentric attitude that they brought to its development as well.