The Force Awakens Playset | Disney Infinity 3.0

The Force Awakens Playset was my first project when I joined Avalanche Software in January of 2015. I was initially responsible for one level, but quickly took on more responsibilities.

Graveyard Gambit

Graveyard Gambit, an exciting roller coaster ride through the wrecks of Jakku, was the first level I was assigned. With little more than some concept art and where it fit in the story, I developed half a dozen iterations in the first few months using new tech from our partners at Studio Gobo that allowed us "Star Fox" style gameplay in Disney Infinity. Unlike many of the other "spaceship rail shooter" sequences designed for the other Star Wars playsets, Graveyard Gambit doesn't play from beginning to end in a single sequence, but loops until the objective of destroying 30 TIE Fighters is completed. When completed, the loop breaks at the first of three different points. This was accomplished by designing and matching up 9 different animated sequences. In addition to animating the players path for each sequence, I also animated the flight path of each TIE Fighter that can be shot down during the level (and, to add a little something extra, a continued flight path during the segment for each TIE if they didn't get shot down to drop behind the player and shot poorly at them). Although this level took a lot of iteration, it ended up being one of my favorites to play and work on.


After getting the layout for Graveyard Gambit locked down, I was assigned to help refine and implement a Geometry Wars inspired minigame for the playset that would eventually be known as Hologames. A level designer and programmer in the same office space as me had already been kicking around prototypes by the time I joined the Hologames task force. We were able to quickly arrive down to the final design framework while I asked them question about what they had already. After deciding the scoring, power-ups, enemy types, and progression, we started in on creating the individual arcade style levels. I was responsible for implementing the gameplay on the last four levels: Star Destroyer Salvo, Death Star Gambit, Barrage On The Rebellion, and Rebel Base Annihilation.

Moon Missions

I also volunteered to help implement open world missions to support the gameplay on both of the moons that appear in The Force Awakens Playset. The first was the combat focused Ice Moon above Takodana. The first mission was a race around the moon to destroy a set number of power converters, and the second to destroy a set number of Probe Droids.

The Gas Moon above Jakku was the second. The first mission was hunting down gas bubble leaks by rail grinding around the moon. The second mission involved rail grinding in order to hit pressure valves along the pipelines. This mission had a lot of variation as it could take place on the orange or blue pipeline, and vary in the number of valves needing to be hit.